Dac Mcmicken, the Legend Of

by Goodfight

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The SJF Just an awesome song. Favorite track: Aqua Gorilla.
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johntravolta lovely new sounds!!! Favorite track: Dac Mcmicken.
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Our weathered friend, Dac McMicken--


released July 18, 2019

Music created by Andrew Forman

Recorded at EGWN studios in Brooklyn with:

Andrew Forman - guitar, vox, bass, wurlitzer, production
Daryl Johns - drums, bass, guitar (track 2), vox
Annique Monet - vox (track 3)
Brandon Buz Donald - drums (track 3)
Dion Kerr - drums and production (track 4 and 7)
Floyd Henderson - bass (track 5)


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Goodfight New York

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Track Name: Zoo
Darling where are we going?
we are still in the zoo's parking lot
where we first went
to hang out

Don't you think that I know?
that perfection is steady growth
and I'm growing it's not painless
just keep passing
these crosses on the right

So I will ask you
darling when is this off ramp coming up
we're a little aimless
can't tame this wanton heart of mine
id like to exit but need some time
to drive you out of my mind

the radio
plays a melody
serves to remedy
chronic memories
that hold the strings
they bend and ring
then went and snapped something
in my sanity
broken harmony
Track Name: Dac Mcmicken
and by the end of the day what has changed
not much orange man, oh nooooo
we thought we are one and the same
I love
the highlights and how they fade
oh go fade away baby
all good
think back to before yesterday

but I wont forget the wild child
the Dac that dances with the canvas smile
Dac Mcmicken runs Dac is sly
no Dac don't care for long goodbyes
oh no, oh no

Hey now
since you know what is best can you change
change us for the best, or better
yea you
cause happiness looks divine on your face
whats new?
its been so long I'm ashamed (so deranged)
just cause
you know that good time spells our fate

Well I can't forget the wild child
The dac imbibes with the flower wine
its good wine!
Dac Mcmicken's slick Dac's alone
I only hope Dac has a home
Go home go home
Track Name: Aqua Gorilla
Back later, back later
back later she said
so what of a friend
I guess Id rather pretend
that you got out fine
just wasted some time
Im just wasting my time
push you out of mind

Think I'll go for a stroll
gotta get outta bed
to get back in my head
some peace of mind that you stole
you stole from my youth
I gave you my all
and then some sunny day
I couldn't push you away
please just push me away
I'd rather just say

getting by without you
haven't thought about you
didn't think I was the kind to
just realized that I am you

You woke up miles away
so hows the weather today
could not easily say
I love the weather this grey
I hope that this doesn't change
Hope that you stay estranged
I think its better this way
I hope its better this way

Don't read into those thoughts of us
feelings change and you're down on your luck
Id rather have missed calls
and think nothing at all
like a dream that I had
when I thought that she called
and I swore that she rang
I swore that she said

I think I need to meet you
Didn't say just what I meant to
not easy to refuse you
cause Im used to having used you

now my nightmare's finally over
yes my nightmare's finally over
hope my nightmare's finally over
hope this nightmare's really over/
Track Name: Jude Loot
Trudy's Loot lives on the breeze
so sweetly like ripe mangos from ataulfo trees
lullabies of melodies were sung
and how luckily for me

Trudy's Loot fell gracefully
trusted like the aerial roots of the banyan tree
levitate and make me believe
yesterday seemed so heavenly

Gone home, to her own
Hold on, find home

Waterfalls are falling asleep
ole' misty breeze rainbow she exists confined to dreams
glazed eyes asleep at peace it seems
a dreamer caught hovering
Track Name: One up one down
Sun up sun down,
just going around,
wind in the night,
one up one down

Waiting for sleep,
living for the next day

I wont forget you told me so
the hour ago when my lens was always clear
Tomorrow is the void you know
I'm here if for an hour or a year
I'm on my own now just
one up and one down

Wading through the crowds
and arriving underground

Dreams always change
we won't stay the same
would be so strange
if we never changed
please don't refrain
it's merely the grain

Sun up sun down,
just going around,
she's wind in the night,
just one up one down

Waiting for the moon,
living for the night right

I won't forget you told me so
the hour ago when my lens became so clear
tomorrow is the void you know
I'm here a little burnt out from the years
I'm back on my own now just one up one down

Wading through the crowds
and arriving underground

Dreams always change
We wont stay the same
would be so strange
if we never changed
please don't refrain
it's merely the grain

<3never change bebe
Track Name: Deli
the world is on your back
if you're an act but can't relax in your own skin

so serious you'll take the pressure
nows your moment let the games begin

dont lionize young lions eyes
keep watch over the nightly charade

been wondering how many times
they told that poor kid hey man we should play

so play another song
any tune will do no wrong
the night's not young
but the crowd belongs
you could still outhip them
and all the others
but swiftly before your moments gone

don't think a thing just close your eyes
and gaze ahead and lose in the distance

so seriously not that hard to overdo
the utter indifference

its genuine between some friends
and even then you'll get some resistance

my ideal involves the situation
where you'll finish my sentence

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